why you need vialet current account

10 reasons why you need VIALET current account

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We do believe VIALET is the financial tool everyone needs, but if it takes a list of all the perks to convince you, we’ve got you covered. Ladies and gents, we present you ten reasons why you need VIALET to take control of your finances once and for all.


1. Free 

free current account

Opening VIALET current account is absolutely free, so there’s literally nothing to lose.

2. Fast

fast opening

It takes only around 3 minutes to set up your account. No fees, no queues, no paperwork, all you need is your smartphone, ID document, and a selfie.

3. Control your money 24/7 via app

money app

You’ll receive instant notifications about your spendings, you’ll be able to block and unblock your card right away, and manage everything right from your fingertips. Make payments while on-the-go, send and request money from your friends instantly, share your IBAN with one click, withdraw cash from ATM’s all over the globe. With VIALET you’ll be able to manage your funds 24/7 and be in charge of your finances.

4. Instant payments

Make instant payments to other VIALET accounts. It’s free, instant, and you don’t need VIALET card to do this.

5. Contactless Mastercard

contactless payment card

Current account and Mastercard is the most legendary duo out there. Together with VIALET Mastercard, you’ll be able to shop online and in retail stores with no commission fees, withdraw money from ATMs, and simply live your best life.

6. Privacy

Your money is your business and we respect that. All funds are stored in the Bank of Lithuania, and under no circumstances will be used for any needs other than your own transactions.

7. Security

We ensure the 3-D secure system for your online purchases, allowing you to use all the features of a standard bank card, but without commissions and unnecessary visits to the banks.

8. Easy top-up

easy top up

You can top up your account with any card by scanning it or adding its details, by requesting funds from your contacts or by making a free SEPA transfer to your VIALET account.

9. Block and unblock your card in seconds

Block and unblock your card instantly and at any moment via the app, in case your card was blocked by an ATM, got lost or stolen, or if you only use it while travelling.

10. Currency exchange

currency exchange

Enjoy 1% exchange rates for your transactions anywhere in the world.

Are you convinced? Download VIALET now on Google Play or App Store, and read more about opening a current account on VIALET here.

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