A banking app, credit line and arguably the best card to use abroad

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Understanding everything you can do with a VIALET account

At VIALET we’re proud of the number of services we offer our users. However, the number of options can make it hard to keep track of exactly what you can do with a VIALET account.  

In this blog, we outline our features and give you examples of where they might be most useful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message! 

The VIALET app – a banking app for modern times

As with most things, it makes the most sense to start from the beginning. Using the VIALET app you can open your account in under 5 minutes. No travelling to a bank. No queuing for hours or sending off documentation. 

When your account is created you can instantly begin managing your money, making payments online and sending money overseas. Payments to other European accounts (VIALET or otherwise) are completely free of charge, allowing you to send money to friends and family living in other countries without troublesome fees. 

The attractive interface of the VIALET app makes it easy for you to monitor transactions and payments and have a more comprehensive view of your spending. 

Your card – using your card abroad and instant online purchasing

Unlike other banking providers, with VIALET delivers your card to you at no cost whatsoeveris completely free. There is no monthly fee attached to it and the only time it costs you anything is withdrawing money from an ATM – 5% of the value of your withdrawal for Polish users and just 2% for Latvian and Spanish users. 

You can use your card in shops and abroad with (and here’s the really exciting bit) zero overseas fees/charges. It is accepted in over 200 countries worldwide and has no limits on overseas spending. 

Strange as it may sound, you can also start using your card before it has even arrived. When your account is created, we give you your card details via the app, meaning you can instantly begin using it for online purchases. 

Credit limit

Through your VIALET account you also have access to a VIALET credit limit. This allows you to have funds available when you really need them. If you see something you’d really like but don’t have the money until payday, you don’t have to miss out. 

Unlike the bureaucratic rigmarole that comes with getting a loan from the bank, this can be done instantly through the app. We will review your credit limit application within 10 minutes and get back to you with an offer. 

This feature is particularly handy in ensuring you’re covered against unforeseen expenses. If you have a pipe burst in the kitchen or your car breaks down, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get through the month.  

There are also no high-interest fees associated with your line of credit. Instead, for using the credit limit you pay a pre-agreed upon commission. No surprises at the end of the month – only pay the monthly payment you agreed to. The credit limit is currently available to Polish users and will be live in Latvia very soon. More information can be found here

VIALET provides quick access to the banking services that are most valuable to you. As a young company, we’re always updating and adding more features, whilst keeping true to our principles of giving you all of what you need and none of what you don’t. 

Create an account today and say hello to better money management. 

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