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Card to card payments – the easiest way to transfer money abroad

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In times of self-isolation, we can thank technology for enabling us to talk online and see our loved ones at least in video chats. But what if we need to share something material with them, urgently? Post and courier services work slower these days, and teleportation has not been invented yet. Fortunately, VIALET now offers a solution for quick and simple (and free) money transfers to your friends and family in Ukraine. In this article, we’ll explain how card to card payments work.

What are card to card payments?

Direct card to card money transfers are based on the OCT (Original Credit Transaction) payment method. As the name suggests, these are fast and convenient payments directly to beneficiaries’ debit or credit cards. The best thing about card to card payments? They do not require complicated bank data – you only need to state the recipient’s name (as is written on the card) and the 16-digit card number. In fact, you don’t even need to use a desktop computer – you can transfer money with just a few taps on your VIALET mobile app. This means you can send money on the go, wherever you are and whenever it’s convenient.

Are VIALET card to card transfers really free?

We do not charge any fee for card to card transactions. This means that making the transfer will not cost you anything. However, you will be charged the current conversion rate from EUR to UAH. Check today’s conversion rate here. Here’s how it looks on our end: After we receive your money transfer, we convert the amount in euros to the desired currency. Then we transfer the money from our local bank account to the recipient’s bank account in the destination country. You can transfer up to 1000 euros per day. You can find more information about limits on outgoing and incoming payments here.

How quick are card to card payments?

The time it takes to complete the transaction largely depends on the beneficiary’s bank. In most cases, the money will appear in the recipient’s bank account on the same day. Sometimes – almost instantly. However, some banks may require up to two working days to process the payment.

Who can use this feature?

Card to card payments are available to all verified VIALET customers who are using an Android or iOS device. Currently, you can transfer money to any Visa or Mastercard card that’s issued in the Ukraine. You send euros, and the recipient gets UAH.

Are card to card payments safe?

Yes, your card to card transfers are made safe and secure by VIALET. We are a part of VIA SMS group, regulated by the EU legislation, and certified by Mastercard, so you can be sure that using VIALET for your card to card money transfers will be bulletproof safe. Never share your VIALET passcode or card details with anyone. Card to card transfers are safe as long as you are the only one who has access to your account and to the recipient’s card details.

How to make a card to card transfer with VIALET?

It’s very simple and only takes a couple of seconds to set up the entire transfer. If you already have a verified VIALET account, take these steps: – Select “Send” in the app menu and then click “To Card” – Enter the amount you want to wire – Enter the recipient’s name and card number and click “Send”. That’s all! If you don’t have a VIALET account yet, first, download the VIALET app, create and verify your account (it’s free and takes about 5 minutes).

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Money is never just money

By transferring funds to your friends and family in Ukraine, you aren’t just sending them money. You are showing your support, concern, and extending a hand to the people you care about. In times when we can’t just visit each other or send gifts, such actions matter more than ever before. We at VIALET want to help and encourage you, so please drop us a line at if you have any questions about card to card transfers.

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