How better freelancer payments create exciting possibilities for your business

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When the World Wide Web was introduced in 1989, no one could have predicted just how much change it would bring about in the world of work. It could be strongly argued that not a single industry has been unaffected by the internet, with a huge percentage of companies now relying on it extensively.

Online shopping, online communication and file sharing, online booking – these have all changed the way in which millions of businesses operate. In more recent years, this evolution has extended to who we work with and how we work with them. 

More and more companies have opted to use contractors and freelancers when growing their business, and the flexible approach to work that modern internet capabilities bring makes this incredibly simple. Freelancers do not have to be in the same building, on the same continent or even in the same timezone as the main office. They can be sent a project and a deadline and work on it in their own time and location.

This comes with a whole host of benefits for your business. Firstly, you now have a global source of talent to recruit from. No longer do you have to seek out the best graphic designer (for example) in your local area. You can hire the graphic designer who you feel would best represent your brand – judging them purely on their work and enthusiasm, not their distance to the office.

Secondly, people can be hired for specific projects that are not needed in the long term. If you are launching one of your products or services in a different country, you may want to hire a copywriter who speaks the native language to help with the launch comms. It might not make sense to hire someone on a more permanent basis when you are well-staffed in that area, just to make sure one important project is covered, but using freelancers alleviates the chance of your offering suffering due to your current team not being equipped to work on these opportunities effectively. 

Thirdly, working with freelancers increases the possibility for companies and individuals to retain certain talent, no matter where they or the business move to. Attempting to headhunt a particular individual for every business venture would be an unrealistic challenge, but finding a highly reliable freelancer means you’re more likely to have someone whose work you value available at different times.

Payments – the old familiar stumbling block

Whilst this recent change to our approach to staffing has opened doors for businesses, there has been one frustrating obstacle in the way – payments. Payments have progressed in recent times but they have not innovated at the speed of other industries. International payments may have become faster and perhaps easier, but there are still significant fees involved. 

The fees involved will depend on where you are sending the money, the banking provider you are with and other circumstances. They can result in you paying a considerable amount more on top of the price you had agreed with the freelancer, meaning that over the course of a year your outgoings are far higher than they should be just to pay the people your business deserves. 

How VIALET solves this problem

Through VIALET’s multi-currency account, you can pay into foreign European bank accounts with no transaction fee. The freelancer does not even have to have a VIALET account – as long as they have a European bank account they can receive money on to their bank card with no costs passed on to them, in EUR or PLN. 

This allows your business to reap all the benefits of international freelancers and contractors, whilst completely sidestepping the drawback which has made them inaccessible in the past.

A VIALET multi-currency account can be opened in a matter of minutes and has the highest level of security. 

Follow this link to download the VIALET app and create your account, or contact us today if you have any questions!

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