VIALET Credit lines for users in Poland – a hassle-free way to get a personal loan

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We’ve all experienced situations when an urgent financial need comes up but the payday is tomorrow or next week.  Suddenly you are thrown out of your comfort zone and are forced to look for ways to access funds.  It’s normal not to have large savings, especially in these turbulent times. It’s also understandable if you can’t (or don’t want to) ask friends or relatives for help.  But taking a loan from the bank might seem like a big step, and a difficult one, taking into account all the bureaucracy and waiting involved.  And what if you’d rather not start a relationship with the fast credit companies?  We’re here to tell you about another way – a simpler and friendlier one.  VIALET has recently launched a credit line service for Polish customers. It works just like a safety net – you don’t have to use the credit line unless an urgent need comes up.  The best part – you can apply for a credit line anywhere and anytime, and it takes only a few moments.

What is a Credit line exactly?

A line of credit is a flexible loan that consists of a limited amount of funds that you can access as needed and repay over time. Just like with loans, interest will be charged in a line of credit as soon as money is borrowed. 

Who can get a VIALET Credit line?

To be eligible for a line of credit, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a verified VIALET account in Polish Zloty. When you apply, VIALET will evaluate your eligibility for the credit line. If you don’t have a VIALET account yet, simply download the VIALET app on your phone and go through a few quick registration and verification steps.  For now, the credit line offer is available only for Polish residents. However, we are soon planning to expand this service to other countries, starting with Latvia and Spain. 

How to apply for a VIALET Credit line?

To apply for a credit line, click the “Credits” icon in your app, and fill in the necessary fields. You will need to specify the maximum amount of funds you are willing to pay every month. And we’ll ask you to fill in short information about the source of your income.  Once you submit your request, we will issue a decision in seconds. When you receive your offer and see how big of a credit you qualify for, you can accept it.  If and when your funds have run out, you can access a credit limit to the extent of the sum specified in the agreement. You can also use less money than the maximum amount. 

What are the rules: amounts, rates, and payback time? 

VIALET offers lines of credit between PLN 1,600 and PLN 7,100. The amount you can access depends on the maximum monthly payments you are ready to make. The payback time for VIALET credit lines is up to three months.  The best thing about VIALET rates? They are fixed. So you will know exactly how much you have to pay from the beginning, as soon as you receive your credit offer. 

How are VIALET’s credit lines different from fast credit services?

We’ve done our best to provide a straightforward application process without lengthy forms to fill in, documents to upload, or calls to make. You can apply for a credit line with a few clicks in your VIALET app. This means that you don’t have to interrupt your life to get a credit line – do it on the go, wherever you are. Unlike most fast credit services that offer credit lines with variable rates, VIALET’s credit rates are fixed – you can sleep easy knowing they won’t change. You’ll see the rate in the credit offer you receive after you’ve submitted your application. Finally, you can change your credit limit anytime, even after accepting the credit offer. You simply have to click the “Change limit” icon in the VIALET app and you’ll immediately be presented with a new credit offer.

A transparent, hassle-free credit line

In these dynamic times, getting a credit line should not be a big deal. You shouldn’t feel desperate if you have a financial emergency and need a safety net urgently. You shouldn’t feel guilty if you couldn’t plan everything, and unexpected expenses came up. And you definitely shouldn’t have to miss an excellent opportunity because of low funds in a given moment. Curious to see how big of a credit line you qualify for? Find out right here, right now:  Check eligibility

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