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Your new VIALET Mastercard. All the benefits you need to know about

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It’s here! Your new, bold, colourful VIALET Mastercard is in front of you, ready to rock your world. You’ve settled in, you’ve made a cup of coffee, now it’s time to get to know each other better. 


Use contactless on-the-go to pay for purchases without inserting your card in the POS terminal and entering the PIN. One tap and it’s done! The limit for contactless payments is 30 EUR, allowing you to pay contactless without PIN confirmation.  When paying higher amounts, you must use the good old chip and PIN combo.

No more fees

Buy those shoes online and in retail stores without any mysterious commission fees. 

Read more about our fees here .

Safety first

Block and unblock your card instantly and at any moment via the app, in case your card was blocked by an ATM, got lost or stolen, or if you only use it while travelling. Go to “Card” section of the app and select “Lock your card”.

3-D Secure

VIALET ensures the 3-D secure system for your online purchases.

3-D Secure protects the buyer’s credit card against unauthorized use when shopping online. This security measure enables buyers to validate transactions made over the Internet by requesting a personal code sent to your registered phone number as a one-time Acceptation code via text message.


VIALET Mastercard offers 1% exchange rates for your transactions anywhere in the world. That means when you’ll take out cash in any other currency than EUR, we’ll use Mastercard exchange rates from that day and apply 1% commission from the amount. You can also use your VIALET Mastercard as a separate card just for travels.

Cash withdrawal

Withdraw cash from ATM’s worldwide with 2% commission fee and 2.5 EUR minimum. 

You can withdraw a maximum of 600€ per day and 3000€ per month, as many times as you want as we don’t have any operation limits.

Easy top-up

You can top up your account fast and while on-the-go in three different ways. 

Top up with any card by scanning it or adding its details. Request funds from your contacts. 

Use your personal VIALET IBAN and send the funds in EURO as SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) payments.

Mastercard the queen of all payment cards

payment card Mastercard

The queen of all payment cards is accepted in more than 200 countries worldwide, wherever you see the Mastercard sign. 

And of course, we didn’t mention that the card looks beautiful too, but it’s never just about the looks, right? Now, why wait, go on, and order your new VIALET Mastercard today. Or, if you’re new to VIALET, download the app on Google Play or App Store

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