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What is VIALET and why is it easy to use?

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Looking for an easy payment solution and up for trying something new? VIALET might be just the option you need. It’s a great fit if:

  • You’re looking for an IBAN account and/or prepaid Mastercard;
  • You want an easy and quick solution;
  • You’re interested in a business account option or want to establish an account for traveling;
  • You like using apps for accessing your bank account;
  • You wouldn’t mind free payments within Europe + you’re an EU citizen.

VIALET, originally coming from the Baltic States (from Lithuania), is a holder of an e-money license, which gives the company’s clients a low-cost IBAN account option. Clients can have an account whose functions are quite similar to a typical bank account, giving you all of the functionality you’d expect from a bank, but with VIALET, you get some serious speed to money transfers. Quick, efficient, and simple!

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In addition to that, the payment service has plenty of other great aspects. Here are some we think you should know:

  • Opening a VIALET account takes about 10 minutes of your time: download the app, enter your data (anti-money laundering and fraud prevention laws on board, so no worries!), assign a pin number, and verify yourself. Voila! 
  • VIALET offers a Debit Mastercard, that can be ordered via the app and is delivered to you in about a week.
  • VIALET to VIALET account money transfers are almost instant, VIALET to other accounts or vice versa can vary as it depends on the recipient bank, but it’s quite fast if compared to other payment services (for example, VIALET to a German bank account took around 1 working day).
  • There’s a contactless payment option available, however, the first time the card will be used it’ll require the pin code for security reasons. 
  • You can use the VIALET Mastercard to pay in foreign currencies AND there’s a card to card payment feature to any payment card issued in Ukraine or Russia for your convenience. 
  • Safety is a priority for VIALET. That’s why a 5-digit pin is required each time you log-in and a push notification is sent to your smartphone after each payment. If you lose your Mastercard, blocking it via app can be done – quick, easy, secure.
  • Speaking of keeping your money safe – VIALET holds its customers’ money in accounts at the Lithuanian Central Bank, which makes a bank failure very unlikely to happen.
  • Your VIALET account is free of charge and the Mastercard is 1.4 eur/month which is relatively cheap plus foreign currencies’ payment fees are reasonable (Mastercard rate +1%).
  • The app is available in RU, ES, LT, LV, PL, EN, and DE is on its way to German-speaking customers.

For more detailed insight, check out this recent review on the VIALET IBAN Account and Prepaid Mastercard here (available in German here). You’ll get a user’s insight, listed pros and cons, and many more useful details to read all at once. Quick, easy, and secure – just like  VIALET itself. 

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