Why should you have a VIALET card when traveling?

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Are you a traveler? Do you love visiting new places, meeting different people from other cultures and exploring new places? Your VIALET Card can help you and is one of the most exciting things, but it can turn into a heartbroken situation when you see that all your savings start disappearing paying unnecessary fees.


VIALET is one of the top cards recommended for travelers, and we are not the ones saying that.

Loan comparison sites like Financer are recommending our Vialet Mastercard card for those who travel abroad.


Mastecard exchange rates

mastercard exchange rate

One of the main reasons for recommending VIALET is because it offers Mastecard exchange rates which are one of the cheapest in the market.

Banks usually charge a higher exchange rate to cover their expenses on top of the conversion fees.

Instead of that we are applying the Mastercard exchange rate of the current day plus 1% commission for
payments which are not in Euro and in the EEA. Having said that if you visit
Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein you won’t pay any fees at all.

Vialet Mastercard used worldwide

The VIALET card can be use around the world as it is accepted in over 40 million point of sales, shops and cashpoints.

Prepare your budget

prepare your budget

It is possible to pre-charge the VIALET card at any time and therefore you are able to prepare your travel budget beforehand by topping up with the estimated funds you will need during your trip.

You will receive notifications with each payment and you will have access to your account via a mobile app.

By controlling your money,
you know exactly how much you spent and how much you have left.

You don’t need to have
cash with you at all times and you don’t need to worry about overspending!

In the case of an
emergency you or other Vialet members can transfer money without any cost at
real time and with zero costs.

Secure payments

secure paymnets

Processing payments
via internet with your Vialet card is very secure and safe so that you are able
to do online shopping and bookings without worries at any time.

In case your card gets
stolen it can be blocked and a new one will be issued and sent to you

Since the card is not
linked to any of your current bank accounts or credit cards there is minimum
risk of fraud or none at all.

And that is why we are one of the best options for travelers!

Vialet is the best option for travellers

In conclusion, using a
prepaid card is one the safest payments methods when traveling abroad.

There is no risk of
identity theft and exchange rates are lower which helps you keeping your travel
expenses under control.

Open your VIALET account now and join the era of easy and effortless money transactions!

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